Thursday, July 13, 2017

Massive Photo Dump!

We deeply apologize for not being able to upload photos throughout our blogging! The app we have been using on my iPad has been very fussy, but we've got a computer and are excited to share some of our favorites from the trip so far. Enjoy!

Enjoying go-karting at Raceland

Hanging around at Allison Carghill 

Service at Traprain Law 

Enjoying an evening at Tyninnghame Beach 

Exploring Arthur's Seat 

Inside St. Giles Cathedral  

Joe & John 

Enjoying a "chippy" with some youth from Stenton Church 

Midnight Yoga with Claire

Ceilidh with the Parish of Traprain 

Rev. David Scott, pastor to the Parish of Traprain, and our wonderful host for the week!

We made it to Iona!

Worship on the beach 

Heading out for our pilgrimage around the island 

Enjoying the majesty of creation around the island!

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